Environmental and Land Use Planning
Project Management and Facilitation


Volunteer Activities

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force – Environmental Protection Workgroup
  • Kennett Area Park Authority Board of Directors – 2011 to present
  • The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County/ Kennett Township (PA) Land Trust Board of Directors 2004-2010
  • The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County Conservation Easement Monitoring Coordinator
  • Brandywine Valley Association (Pennsylvania) Energy Committee – 2000-2004
  • West Chester Area Municipal Authority – Board of Directors 1995-1999
  • Delaware Estuary Program Sustainable Development Committee 1998-2004
  • “Up With People” Alumnus (International Musical Goodwill Organization)
  • Red Cross Volunteer and merit award recipient

Select Lectures

“Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Design Standards & Guidelines”
Series of grant-funded lectures, public workshops and charrettes intended to create overlay standards and design guidelines for development within a scenic byway preservation area.

“Pipelines and Pipeline Safety: Land Use & Model Ordinances”
Series of lectures coordinated through multiple U.S. DOT Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) to educate local governments and citizens about pipeline issues facing eastern PA. Presentations include: Chester County “Land Planning and Pipelines” regional workshop (3/20/14), Annual PA APA Conference – technical participation (10/17/11), 9th Annual PA Land Conservation Conference (5/21/11), Northern Tier Natural Gas Summit for Municipal Officials (5/18/11), County Commissioners Association of PA (3/28/11), Regional Public Information Meeting (9/23/10), Local Municipal Workshops (2010-2014)

“Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway”
Joint presentation at the 2009 National Scenic Byways Conference, John M. Gaadt, AICP and Jennifer Mihills, Denver, CO, August 2009

“Green Energy, Sustainability and Planning”
Delaware/Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association Professional Lecture Series. The planning profession’s pivotal role in a green energy and sustainable future, March 2009

“Planning That Protects Natural Resources and the Environment: Tools to Consider”
Keynote address at the 9th annual meeting of the Delaware Invasive Species Council, November 2008

“Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan”
Presentation on Delaware’s first watershed-based scenic byway corridor management plan, November 2007

“Zoning Intended to Implement the Paoli Community Master Plan”
Public lecture regarding planning and zoning intended to permit 1+ million square feet of mixed-use, transit-oriented design (TOD) development incorporating green building LEED’s incentives; a superfund redevelopment site in Willistown and Tredyffrin Townships, PA, August 2007

“Conservation Design Techniques for Improved Stormwater Management:
Tools to Consider in Local Codes”
Presentation at Delaware/Maryland American Planning Association Regional 2006 Conference, October, 2006

“Planning That Protects Natural Resources: Tools to Consider”
Non-Point Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Seminar, May 2006

Making Conservation Design Work: Issues to Consider in Local Codes
State of Delaware Conservation Design Roundtable, March 2006

“Nutrient Loading Assessment and Land Development”
Lecture for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) conference on its Nutrient Loading Assessment Protocol, January 2006

“The Integration of Low Impact Development and Conservation Design,
The New Castle County, Delaware Experience”
Joint presentation at the 2005 Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposium, Villanova University, John M. Gaadt, AICP & Michael Clar, P.E., October 2005

“Developing Conservation Design Programs – The Mechanics of Conservation Design and its Application in a Residential Setting”
Presentation at the Delaware Pollution Control Strategy Conference (2003) and DNREC Conservation Design Roundtable (2005); additional presentations to New Castle County Council and Planning Board (DE), Civil Engineers Council (DE), General Public, NEMO Seminar, Nutrient Load Seminar. 2002 to present

“Development of a County-Wide Model Stormwater Management Ordinance –
The “Watersheds” Experience”
Presentation at the 2003 Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposium, Villanova University,
October 2003

“Watersheds, An Integrated Water Resources Plan for Chester County, Pennsylvania”
American Water Resources Association National Conference (Fall 2002); additional presentations to County Water Resources Task Force, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and General Public, January 1999 to present

“A Statewide Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program for Delaware”
Presentations to a statewide Governors Task Force charged with developing a TDR program for the State of Delaware, Delaware Farm Bureau Annual Conference, January 2002 to December 2002

“Sandy Run Creek Watershed Conservation Plan”
Presentations to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and General Public, January 1999 to January 2001

“Natural Resource Protection Measures in New Castle County, Delaware”
Presentations to State of Delaware, New Castle County Council, New Castle County Planning Board, and General Public, 1996 to present

“Alternatives to Conventional Sewage Treatment”
Presentation at Pennsylvania State University, Delaware County Campus, October 19, 1995

“Water Based Land Use Regulatory Program”
Presentations at the Annual Mid-Atlantic Council of Watershed Associations Conference, Chadds Ford, PA, December 1, 1993 and Pennsylvania Planning Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 12, 1993

“Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse in the Red Clay Valley”
Presentation at the Red Clay Creek Conference V, Delaware Nature Society, November 1, 1993

“Innovative Sewage Treatment Alternatives”
Presentation at Montgomery County, PA, Sewage Facilities Workshop, September 15, 1993

“The Lower Merion Township, PA, Natural Features Conservation Ordinance”
Presentation at the Land Trust Alliance Rally 1990, Villanova, PA

“Natural Features Conservation”
Presentation at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Conference, Morris Arboretum of The University of Pennsylvania, April 18, 1990

Select Publications

Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Corridor Overlay Standards Project Report
Intended to implement the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan (CMP) approved by the State of Delaware in 2008, this report outlines the public process by which overlay design standards and guidelines were created to guide development in the Byway. 2015

Model Municipal Regulatory Approach to Addressing Transmission Pipelines
A multi-prong approach addressing surface land uses affiliated with pipelines (providing for uses not otherwise permitted in most ordinances), street opening standards (providing for the regulation of street openings, installations and driveways), standards for new development in proximity to pipelines, and revisions to municipal comprehensive plans (providing the rational nexus between the comprehensive plan and code of ordinances). Included in this process was the creation of a website entitled PA Pipeline Safety & Environmental Protection. See http://www.papipelinesafety.org/ for more information. Fall 2008 – 2014.

The Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway, “Nomination Application,” and “Corridor Management Plan”
The nation’s first watershed-based scenic byway planning effort for 28 secondary roads within the Red Clay Valley Watershed in Delaware, May 2008

The Southern New Castle County Scenic River and Highway Study
An inventory of the natural, scenic and historic resources of Southern New Castle County with strategies for resource protection and growth management, Fall 2007

Okehocking Preserve Management Plan
An integrated management plan for a 155-acre nature preserve, including resources inventories, management goals/ objectives, maintenance requirements, and implementation strategies, Fall 2006

Proceedings from the 2003 and 2005 Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposiums – “Development of a County-Wide Model Stormwater Management Ordinance – The “Watersheds” Experience” and “The Integration of LID and Conservation Design in New Castle County, DE
Co-Author, Villanova University, October 2003 and October 2005.

New Castle County Conservation Strategy
An environmental protection plan for New Castle County, Delaware, 2002 (Delaware recipient of EPA Source Water Protection Award 2003).

WATERSHEDS, An Integrated Resources Plan and Water Resources Compendium
Contributing Author, 2002 (Pennsylvania Planning Association’s 2003 Outstanding Planning Award for a Plan and the 2003 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence -Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

Brandywine Creek Watershed Conservation Plan
Co-Author, 2003

Brandywine Valley Association/ Red Clay Valley Association “State of the Watershed Reports”
Annual Assessments of the Environmental Health of Two Pennsylvania Watersheds; Editor, Writer and Project Manager, 1997 to present

Sandy Run Creek Watershed Conservation Plan
Co-Author, 2001

Transfer of Development Rights Feasibility Studies I and II
for New Castle County Delaware, 1996 & 1999

Community Trails Handbook
Brandywine Conservancy, Contributing Author, 1997

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse: Opportunities for Land Protection through Waste Management, Exchange
The Journal of the Land Trust Alliance, Volume 13, Number 3, Summer 1994

Red Clay Valley Scenic River and Highway Study
A watershed-based comprehensive plan, Contributing Author, 1989

Waste Not, Want Not: Restoring America’s Competitive Edge, Catalyst
Publication of the Brandywine Conservancy, Co-Author, November 1988

Environmental Currents
Publication of the Environmental Management Center, Brandywine Conservancy

  • “Spray Irrigation on Golf Courses: Toward a Symbiotic Relationship”
  • “Clustering Lower Merion Style – The Open Space Preservation District” (Montgomery County, PA Planning Award)
  • “The Red Clay Valley Scenic River and Highway Study”
  • “To Throw Away or Not To Throw Away, Can There Be Any Question?”
  • “Water Based Land Use Controls: Regulating in Response to a Primary Resource”
  • “Natural Features Conservation – The Lower Merion Township Example”
  • “Grappling with Solid Waste Issues – One Township’s Approach”